King of The Sea

I sail in the sea of emotions
Aboard a cast off shell,
Rowing through the remains of shattered hearts
And broken selves.

The storm rises,
The vessel sinks.
Before me stands the great whale, king of that soulful sea.
That beast,
I struggle, scream, and shout:
Ye shall never take me, Dragon!
Water surges through the lungs,
Waves break the shell within.
Another vessel joins the sea.

The body breaks,
A million pieces scattered among
A million pisces, feeding.
And yet the soul remains.

A new shell grows on the shores of
That mirthful and sorrowful sea.
To it, a lost soul returns,
And the journey begins anew.
Sail on, child.

Ode to Apathy

Today, an ode to Apathy,
A double-edged sword
To sink the Great Whale
And drown the fishes.

The sword that has split
The diluvian sea
That takes us all
And drowns us in doubt.

So why, oh why, Apathy?
Why have you been plunged
into my heart,
That fleshy tumour,
Turned purple and blue.

From the forehead
To the heart,
You have marked me
A fisherman among fishes.

You are a betrayer
And a killer, oh Apathy.
A scourge upon my soul,
A soul which you have taken.

This is no ode,
This is a curse!
My curse and a thousand more
Upon that devil,


I see ash raining
From the Heavens
And I know
Our time has come.

Rejoice! The Heavens have burnt
To the ground,
To the profane ground
We writhe in.

That great flame will descend upon us,
And we will sprout wings and fly
Towards its magnificent radiance
Like moths, blinded.

And our wings will burn eternal,
And our body will become cinder,
And our legs and arms brimstone
To inherit the new world!

Rejoice! The world is on fire
And from its ashes we will rise
As embers that will spark
The Fire of Creation.


Call me a Vampire,
Bloodsucker, reaper of flesh and wine,
Taker of soul and mind.

Yet for every soul that I've drained dry,
None can satisfy
The bloodlust for the one
Who will finally let me die.

Baby Steps

Once again, I find myself staring
At that vast ocean.
The source of all our problems,
And the source of all life.

But for once, the sea isn’t overwhelming-
The waves have stopped.
Now, only the breeze
Pushes me into the deep blue.

Still, it is inescapable, as always.
Even when I’m not drowning,
The sea still surrounds my feet,
Planted in the mud and primordial soup.

Maybe just this time, I won’t be carried away.
For once, I will willingly walk into the Abyss.
Let it fill my mouth, my lungs.
Let me drink the mead of the Gods.

A Black Shell On A Rainbow Beach

I wake up, sitting on beach,
With the ocean in front of me,
Soft waves tugging at my feet.
Behind me, the vast emptiness.

All around me are stones.
Stones, jewels, and gems,
Of crimson, verdant, and lavender.
But among this dry, colourful sea

I am a black shell.
A shell with a gem inside it,
Just like the others all around,
Not special, but still locked away by Fate.

Of course, the hammer to break the cage
Lies ahead of me, the colourless Sea.
All it takes is the crashing of a wave
Or the snapping of a whale.

And yet I’m afraid to step in.
Could it be gracious salvation?
Or merciful oblivion?
Perhaps it’s better to let the rain decide.

So here I sit,
A black shell
On a rainbow beach,
Awaiting the Sea.